Automotive Bearings

All brand bearings provide quality Automotive bearing in saudi arabia, We also offered reasonable cost for various types Automotive bearings in saudi arabia. The automotive bearings perform taciturnly in tough environment and supply smoothness and longevity to vehicles. These bearings helps in reducing the rotational friction between the vehicles and the surface it runs on, particularly on cemented roads. It supports axial and radial forces to keep up balance in the event of speed changes. These are inserted inside the wheels in a special gap referred to as the cage. The bearing run around the cage whereas the vehicle is running and perform to equally distribute the load of the vehicle.

All brand bearings in saudi arabia engaged in catering a superb range of Automotive Bearings with the help of advanced technology. All brand bearings are made by our adept professionals using premium quality raw materials and innovative techniques. Moreover, these Automotive Bearings can be purchased by our prestigious client in many dimensions at extremely competitive prices.


  • High durability
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Corrosion proof
  • Superior finish

Our automotive bearings in saudi arabia for applications including wipers, convertible tops, interiors, struts, levers, pedals and many more including:

    • Transmissions: rear output shaft, main shaft and reverse idler bearings, clutches, solenoids, pumps, planetary gear sets, gear shifting forks
    • Axles: driveline systems, kingpins
    • Steering Systems: yoke support, steering column, gear pump bearings
      Brake Systems
    • Seats: seat recliner and height adjuster mechanisms
      Struts and Shock Absorbers
    • Engine Management: water and oil pumps, belt tensioners, pulley dampers, compressors
      Hinges: door, trunk and hood hinges, door checkers.

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