Bearing solutions

We Provide bearing solutions to a wide range of industries such as

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction equipment
  • Filtration
  • Food and beverage
  • Forestry
  • Hydro-Electric
  • HVAC
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Life science
  • Marine
  • Mass Transit
  • Metal refining and smelting
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and paper
  • Rail
  • Semi-Conductors


We provide to our valuable customers with a range of the world leading brands of bearings namely
AETNA Bearings, ABBA Bearings, ALLWYN Bearings, AMERICAN ROLLER Bearings, AMETRIC Bearings, ANDREWS Bearings, ARB Bearings, ASAHI Bearings, ASK Bearings, AST Bearings, ATLAS Bearings, BRONZE Bearings, AUBURN Bearings, AURORA Bearings, BARDEN Bearings, BMC Bearings, BMT Bearings, BOCA Bearings, BOSTON GEARBOWEN-NTN Bearings, BROWNING Bearings, BROOK CROMPTON Bearings, BRYANT Bearings, BUNTING Bearings, BW Bearings, CAN AM Bearings, CBB Bearings, CARTER Bearings, CATERPILLAR Bearings, CHICAGO RAWHIDE Bearings, CHZ Bearings, CLIMAX Bearings, COOPER Bearings, COORSTEK Bearings, CPM Bearings, CRAFT Bearings, CRB Bearings, C&U Bearings, DAEMAR Bearings, DEI Bearings, DODGE Bearings, DPI Bearings, DIT Bearings, DUNLOP Bearings,  EBF Bearings, EICH Bearings, ELGES Bearings, FAFNIR Bearings, FAG Bearings, FSQ Bearings, FUSHI Bearings, FYH Bearings, FKG Bearings, FUJI Bearings, GARLOCK Bearings, GIMBAL Bearings, GRW Bearings, GTJH Bearings, HARP Bearings, HCH Bearings, H-FANG Bearings, HEIM Bearings, HEPCO Bearings, HF Bearings, HIMOD Bearings, HIWIN Bearings, HKB Bearings, HOFFMANN Bearings, HRB Bearings, HUBCITY Bearings, IBC Bearings, IKO Bearings, IMB Bearings, IMPACT Bearings, INA Bearings, ISK Bearings, IWIS Bearings, JAF Bearings, JAURE Bearings, JIXING Bearings, JNS Bearings, JPG Bearings, KBC Bearings, KG Bearings, KILIAN Bearings, KML Bearings, KOBE Bearings. KOLBENSCHMIDT Bearings, KOYO Bearings, KRW Bearings, KSM Bearings, KTR Bearings, KUGELFELD Bearings, KUKKO Bearings, KYK Bearings, LEE LINEAR Bearings, LINK-BELT Bearings,  LOCKHEED MARTIN Bearings,  LB Bearings,  LS Bearings,  LUK Bearings,  LYC Bearings,  LYJW Bearings, LYNB Bearings,  MATHEWS Bearings,  MAXAM Bearings, MBA Bearings, MBO Bearings, MCB Bearings, McGILL Bearings,  MESSINGER Bearings,  MGM Bearings, MILLER Bearings, MISUMI Bearings, MOKIA Bearings, MOLINE Bearings, MORSE Bearings, MPB Bearings,  MPZ Bearings,  MRC Bearings,  MTK Bearings,  NACHI Bearings, NAPA Bearings, NATIONAL FEDERAL Bearings, NATIONAL PRECISION Bearings,  NB Bearings, NBI Bearings, NBC Bearings,  NDH Bearings,  NHBB Bearings,  NHK Bearings,  NICE Bearings,  NIPPON Bearings,  NIS Bearings,  NKE Bearings,  NMB Bearings,  NORMA Bearings,  NSK Bearings,  OILITE Bearings,  ORKOT Bearings, OSOBRN Bearings, PACIFIC Bearings,  PEER Bearings,  PMI Bearings,  QM Bearings,  RBC Bearings, RBI Bearings,  RBL Bearings,  RENOLD Bearings,  RKB Bearings,  REXNORD Bearings,  REXROTH Bearings, RHP Bearings,  ROLLON Bearings,  ROLLWAY Bearings,  ROTOLI Bearings,. SCHATZ Bearings,  SDR Bearings,  SEALMASTER Bearings,  SEIKO Bearings,  SFERAX Bearings, SIMATHERM Bearings,  SIMATOOLS Bearings,  SHAKE JUNT Bearings, SKF Bearings, SLB Bearings, SMITH Bearings, SNFA Bearings, SNR Bearings, SRB Bearings, STAR-REXROTH Bearings, STEYR Bearings, SUMITOMO Bearings, SYMMCO Bearings, THB Bearings, THK Bearings, TIK Bearings, THOMSON Bearings, THORDON Bearings, TIMKEN Bearings, TJB Bearings, AUTOMOTIVE Bearings, TORRINGTON Bearings, TRIANGLE Bearings, TRITAN Bearings, TSUBAKI Bearings, TURCITE Bearings, TYSON Bearings, UBC Bearings, URB Bearings, VRL Bearings, WTW Bearings, YTG Bearings, ZENITH Bearings, ZKL Bearings, ZOLLERN Bearings, ZVL Bearings, ZWZ Bearings, ZYS Bearings, BEARING HEATERS, BEARING GREASE etc IN SAUDI ARABIA AND THE MIDDLE EAST.