Linear Bearings

We are the leading suppliers and traders of Linear Bearings in Saudi Arabia. These have high insulation resistance and are used where there are failures due to electrical corrosion. Offered BRANDS are made of quality materials which we sourced from the trusted bearings  manufacturers in saudi arabia / bearings dealers in saudi arabia in the industry to render maximum client satisfaction.
The full name of linear bearing is called linear motion ball bearing, also be referred to as linear bushing. We offer a full line of linear bearings, including standard type, adjustable type, open type, KH type, tandem type, round flange type, stroke type, oval flange type, pilot flange type, square flange type, center flange type etc. which are classified as three series: Asia series, Europe series, inch series. In addition, sliding unit is a kind of linear bearing with aluminium housing.

Linear bearing is a kind of economic and cheap mechanical transmission element. With the features of high preciseness and rigidity, low friction, simple assembly, good interchangeability, different types, now it’s a lot of used in various linear motion applications, particularly widely used in industrial plant automation, measuring instruments, industrial machines, electric tools, CNC routers etc. With the function of linear bearings, linear motion is so easy with smooth movement and high efficiency.
Linear bearings produce relative motion among elements of a machine by providing a rolling or sliding contact between the bearing and the object that the bearing is moving. Linear motion bearings are used for a range of functions. for example, they will be found in items like work station height adjustment mounts, and drawer glides. often times, linear bearings are used as a part of industrial motion control systems, working alongside other devices like linear actuators. Linear bearings are typically made of stainless-steel, bronze, and plastic, and can be used for different applications such as automated production instrumentation, precision gauging, wafer testing and handling, vision inspection, preciseness dispensing, disk certification, and optical alignment.
There are three main types of linear bearings: linear ball bearings, linear roller bearings, needle bearings, and slide bearings. There are other types like linear air bearings, linear rotary bearings, miniature linear bearings, and preciseness linear bearings. There are choices available for linear.
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